I still Love You anyway


How much you've hurt me or spit some hurtful words to me, I still love you. 

I don't know why, all that bad time starts to fade away and I don't remember whats hurt back then. Small mistakes and small hurt will fade away. 
Big mistakes, big fights will eventually be forgiven even we will never forget it. 

You are the same too, even how bad I am, how big my mistakes to you, you'll eventually forgive me and cannot stay angry at me. 

Me too, when you did something hurtful I can't angry or yelled at you. I cried silently, it always like that. 
People say, the highest act of love is when someone you love hurt you, you can't be mad at them and just cried because you think they just don't know what'd they doing. 

Whatever and However the sotuation is I will stay by your side, support you and protect you. Inshaa Allah :) 

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