We're gonna watch Kingsman : The Secret Service >.<


What I am excited about is not being with him (even tho I am hehe.
I waas so excited that we were going to watch Kingsman : The Secret Service !

It has 8.3 IMDB rating which is I believe that a movie with rating beyond 8 means a good damn movie.
Such as TLOTR, The Imitation Game (recent movie) , Interstellar, and many more.

So I was hoping that this movie has to be very awesome! :3

so I will post some review after this post okay. See you soon !

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  1. This movie is amazing right. But in my country, they has edited out the church scene :((( Best part.

    1. hello Uyen! yeah the movie is awesome :D
      yea they cut that scene in my country too! :( so I finally did seen that church scene last night on my recents movie download.
      where are you from anyway?

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